Shared Lives

Our Shared Lives Service is available to vulnerable adults aged 16+ who need support; or support and accommodation to live full and socially inclusive lives. Shared Lives offers an important alternative to regular day services, respite care and residential care. It is particularly beneficial for adults with a learning disability and adults with dementia. Shared Lives Carers and those they support are matched for compatibility and then develop real relationships; with the Carer acting as an extended family.

The Shared Lives Service offers three types of care:

  1. Day support – Shared Lives Carers offer support for a vulnerable adult or older person during the day – in either the Carer’s own home or the person’s home on a 1:1 or small group basis.
  2. Short-term care – adults stay temporarily with a Shared Lives Carer to get a break from routine or to give their family or friends a break.
  3. Long-term care – adults live with a Shared Lives Carer, sharing their lives and their home.