Shared Lives

Shared Lives is a person-centred service. It matches people with a carer or carers who will share activities, or their family life, in a caring and supportive environment. The service is available for older people, or people with learning disabilities or autism aged 18 and over, who need support, or support and accommodation, to live full and more independent lives. Shared Lives offers an alternative to day services, respite care and residential care and is available across west Cheshire

Shared Lives carers can offer individuals the following.

  • Sessional support – supporting someone for a few hours a week in a variety of settings to meet the person’s needs and interests..
  • Short-term care – helping someone to take a break by providing overnight care from one night to a few weeks.
  • Intermediate care – welcoming someone to live in their home as part of their family.

A Shared Lives arrangement can only be successful if the Shared Lives carer is able to meet the needs of the individual and has similar interests to the person they are caring for. We always carefully match carers with individuals. Meetings are arranged between the potential matches to make sure they are compatible and check everybody involved is happy to go ahead with the placement. All carers are subject to DBS and CRB checks and training before being approved, receiving support from Vivo throughout their time as a carer.

Contact the Shared Lives team for more information about the service.