About us

Vivo Care Choices provides a range of flexible and responsive support for people with learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions and for older people; including people with dementia.

Our high quality services will work with you to meet your needs, enabling you to be part of your community and maximising your choice, independence and wellbeing.

Our Story

Cheshire West and Chester Council previously operated as any other Local Authority in its assessment and provision of social care; that being by identifying a person’s needs, commissioning services based on those needs, and then sourcing a service provider to deliver on their identified outcomes.

For us, as the then ‘in house provider Service’ this involved the Social Work teams assessing an individual’s needs and then gauging our available capacity to offer the services required to meet their needs.

The decision of both the politicians and executives of Cheshire West and Chester Council to move towards a commissioning authority (prompted by the Localism Act 2011) led to a consultation in some service areas. In 2012, Cheshire West and Chester Council commissioned a consultation process that encapsulated the views of all stakeholders involved with Adult Social Care as to the future running of the Council’s in house provision, and the way in which it would offer/procure services in future.

The resulting decision was that a small amount of services would remain ‘in house’ and the larger proportion would be delivered by a new not-for-profit company that would be owned and regulated by the Council, this resulted in Vivo Care Choices Limited being established on 1 December 2013.

As an independent trading Company Vivo can provide services to people in receipt of direct payments or those who are able to self fund their care needs.

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The service directory informs you about the various services available, in addition to our current price list.