Anisha has kindly donated funds from a sponsored walk to Vivo Care Choices’ respite services at Dorin Court.

She attends Dorin Court School and passes Vivo’s respite services at Dorin Court every day.

Anisha has many health challenges, including autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities and a genetic disorder that means she is losing her sight.

Despite this, she decided she wanted to help others during the summer and selected Dorin Court.

With support from her family and a conversation with the Dorin Court team over the phone, Anisha was determined to help, organising a sponsored walk from Ellesmere Port to Chester.

A total of £700 was raised and this will help Dorin Court buy a new games console and games that people accessing the services will be able to benefit from.

Anisha and her family came to meet the team at Dorin Court to give them her sponsorship money, with the aim for this to be the start of a positive relationship to help make a difference for families like Anisha’s.

Dorin Court is also a service that Anisha would like to try when she is older. We’re very grateful to her for her kind donation and look forward to welcoming her in the future.