Curzon House will shortly close its doors after delivering high-quality care and support for many decades and we know it’s a difficult time for everyone involved personally and professionally, including residents, clients, families, staff and volunteers, so we’d hoped to celebrate and reflect on the years at Curzon House at an event tomorrow night (Tuesday 14 December).

Following the Prime Minister’s announcements over the weekend and the latest guidance from the Council and Public Health locally that all non-essential events associated with the Council must be cancelled and postponed, we’re faced with little alternative but to postpone this event tomorrow.

Please be reassured it’s only a postponement and not a cancellation as we’re determined to still host this event for everyone involved past and present with Curzon House in the New Year.

Many people are becoming increasingly anxious about the Omicron variant at present and worried about rising cases over the winter and Christmas period.

In the interests of everyone, an event in the spring before Vivo moves back to the Council will be more enjoyable, less stressful and more celebratory than risking an event now.

We know how disappointing initially this will be for everyone looking forward to tomorrow night, but I’m sure you’ll all agree it’s the right decision.