The most rewarding part of a job at Vivo Care Choices for Michelle is seeing first-hand the difference you make.

After beginning her career in adult social care with another organisation, Michelle joined Vivo’s team at Canal Street four years ago, supporting people with learning disabilities and autism.

Since starting work at Vivo, she’s quickly progressed to the position of Senior Support Worker, highlighting the opportunities available.

Michelle said: “I became aware of Vivo when I supported someone to access Vivo’s day services at another organisation.

“I instantly felt comfortable in the environment with the staff and people using services.

“Everyone was always very friendly and approachable and it was an easy decision to apply for a position as Support Worker at Vivo.

“My role is really diverse as I spend a lot of time in the office as a Senior Support Worker, but I also spend a lot of time on the ground supporting people.

“Everything we do – whether it’s in the office or on the ground – has a positive impact on the people we support.

“There isn’t a boring moment as you get to see the work you do first-hand.

“Supporting people using services to develop new skills, accomplish goals and access opportunities they may be unable to independently gives us a huge sense of pride and a feeling of accomplishment.

“You can’t predict what’s going to happen each day as people are fluid and things often change, by the hour at times.

“It’s a rewarding and challenging job, but that’s all part of the appeal because it makes you think from different angles and consider a varied perspective.

“There’s plenty of room to progress, whether it’s in your current service or another one across Vivo. The opportunities are there.

“In my years working with Vivo, I have faced many challenges in my personal life with my children and a difficult pregnancy.

“Being a lone parent, balancing life and work can be a daunting task, but Vivo has always been incredibly supportive to make sure I’m able to continue to work and manage my home life.”

There are many benefits working for Vivo compared to other providers.

  • Competitive pay
  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Excellent pension scheme
  • Opportunities to train and develop your career
  • Employee Awards and other benefits

There are a number of different roles across learning disability day services, supported living services, respite services, older people services and Shared Lives, providing an opportunity for you to create a successful career for yourself in the care sector.

Vivo is looking for people who share its CARE values – caring, aspire, respect and enable – and want to help people enjoy happy, independent and fulfilling lives.

Join the team at Vivo