Vivo Care Choices is supporting Chester Pride’s Brown Bag Appeal, helping collect items that West Cheshire Foodbank can use to support people this winter.

Lightfoot Lodge in Hoole will be a donation partner for the Brown Bag Appeal, providing an opportunity for people to drop off in date, non-perishable tinned items.

The campaign runs until Saturday 18 December and many items are wanted, such as long-life juice, tinned potatoes, chocolate, biscuits and much more.

Bank of America is supporting the campaign and has pledged to double the amount of food donated.

Staff at Lightfoot Lodge are also collecting for the Mulberry Centre Homeless team, which is asking for things like Christmas items, clothe and toiletries.

If you have tinned food or items to support the homeless, please feel free to drop them off at Lightfoot Lodge and support the appeals.