As the Government has confirmed COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted nationally from Monday 19 July, we wanted to provide an update about how it’ll affect us at Vivo and the plans we’ll be putting in place to make sure everyone remains safe and well.

While restrictions are being lifted, the Government has warned that the country can’t simply revert instantly to pre-pandemic life and the virus continues to carry risks.

It’s particularly important we remain extremely vigilant and professional at Vivo because of the increased risks from COVID-19 for many of the people we support.

Our plans for the future

  • We’ll continue to rigorously follow the latest Public Health and Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) guidance on infection control at all times across all services, with individual risk assessments in place for each service.
  • Full personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks, will be provided for staff to use where appropriate in line with the individual risk assessments.
  • Regular testing will take place for frontline staff delivering care and support.
  • We’ll continue to encourage all staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We’ll also support people using our services to get their vaccine, working closely with the Council and NHS to put any necessary plans in place so they’re at ease about the process.
  • All visitors to Vivo properties will be temperature checked on their arrival and individual managers will put any other necessary steps in place in line with the risk assessments for their services.
  • We’ll continue to maximise the opportunities for physical and social distancing wherever possible. We’ll place an increased emphasis on outdoor activities and using a wider range of COVID-safe venues and rooms.
  • Ongoing safety measures for transport will continue to be applied following the latest advice from the Council.

While restrictions being lifted is a positive step forward for society and provides plenty of opportunities for us to support people in a more flexible way in the heart of the community, it’s important we continue doing everything we can to make sure everyone remains safe and well.

There’s no real change to the processes we currently have in place and these have been recognised as best practice by a number of different partners we work closely with. That’s testament to our staff and all the hard work they’ve put in over the last year or so during these challenging times.

The Council is advising people to continue following good practice and use caution where you feel uncomfortable.