Staff in Vivo Care Choices’ supported living services have welcomed Tony with open arms and put all the steps in place to make sure he’s happy in his new home.

After living with his brother and sister-in-law over the past four years, Tony visited Vivo to look around the supported living services and decided to move in.

Staff have gone above and beyond to make sure Tony is comfortable with his new surroundings, decorating his room, helping him mix with other tenants and taking him on a number of different trips so he can achieve the best possible outcomes and enjoy life to the full.

Bill Moran, who supports Tony at Vivo, said: “He’s settled in really well and all the staff absolutely love him.

“It’s been a tough time in the service because some of the people we support have sadly died during the pandemic.

“It’s had an impact on the staff as the house hasn’t been the same, but having Tony around has given everyone quite the boost.

“Tony’s very personable and wanted an office in his bedroom so he’s been helping me with things like shredding paper.

“He went to the West Cheshire Autism Hub in Chester and took part in the virtual reality gaming sessions, which he really enjoyed.

“We’ve taken him out quite a lot and visited places like Crewe park, but we’ve been a little bit hampered by the weather.

“We’re still getting to know Tony and he’s still learning about us so we can make sure we support him in the best possible way.

“His family are happy with the support we’ve given him so far. They’ve been very complimentary about our staff and how well Tony’s settled in.”