Vivo’s ongoing commitment is to provide essential care and support to everyone who accesses our services and this position won’t change during the latest national lockdown that has been announced.

We’re a key and essential service and it’s our intention to keep all our services open. This will be reviewed regularly in the coming weeks and months.

In some circumstances, the focus of our support will change to respond to the latest national guidance and changing risks from COVID-19. We’ll work with everyone we support on an individual basis to make sure the services we provide are both appropriate and flexible.

Stay at home. Stay safe. Stay connected.

Where required based on individual needs, more of our resources will be redirected to support people to stay home in a safe and caring environment. This will be reviewed regularly so people are receiving the care and support they need.

The Government has confirmed care staff are prioritised to receive COVID-19 vaccinations in the first phase and many of our staff have already received their vaccinations.

If you have any questions about this update, please feel free to email: