A brand-new car for Vivo Care Choices’ supported living services is helping Jane visit all the places she loves.

As the car has been fitted so Jane can sit onboard in her wheelchair, it is now far easier for staff to take her wherever she’d like to go for a day out.

She’s planning to fulfil something she’s been aiming to do for a while and visit New Brighton beach.

Helen Scott, who works in Vivo’s supported living services, said: “It meant a lot to see the enjoyment in her face when the car arrived.

“The vehicle was restructured so we could fit Jane’s wheelchair in it and she also picked the colour.

“The car will help Jane become a lot more independent and see all the things she wants to see.

“We sometimes take her out for a drive in the evening so she can get out of the house for a couple of hours and enjoy a ride in the car.

“Having this new car really is like a dream come true for Jane and she can’t wait to visit New Brighton beach.

“She lives with five other people so it will be useful for the whole house.

“Seeing how much this means to Jane really does make all us staff feel very proud about the work we do and the difference we can make.”

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