Staff across Vivo Care Choices have made sure people using services have kept in touch with their loved ones throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Carers Week (8-14) is a perfect opportunity to celebrate and thank carers for the valuable role they play all year round, with a particular focus on their work during COVID-19.

With the rules put in place by the Government during the lockdown period, people in permanent care with Vivo haven’t been able to see their carers and families like they normally would.

All Vivo staff have gone above and beyond so people using services maintain regular contact with their nearest and dearest.

Peyton, who works in Vivo’s supported living services, said: “They’ve been having video calls with their parents and they’ve sent them flower to say they’re missing them.

“It’s been emotional for them and they don’t always understand why they’re seeing them over the phone rather than in person.

“As some of the rules have changed, we’ve been able to take some of the people using our services out of their supported housing, making sure we follow social distancing and other guidelines.

“Although it hasn’t been easy for people using our services, they’ve been happy and enjoying the sunny weather we’ve had. They’ve been out in the garden planting fruit and veg.

“We’ve all pulled together and supported each other. All we want to do is make the people we support happy and give them the best life in these difficult times.”

With Vivo paying the Local Living Wage (LLW) and providing a clear pathway for careers to progress, the care sector can appeal to a range of people with different backgrounds.