Please note: this is the current position and could potentially change on a daily basis. Regular updates will follow to keep you informed. Please check Vivo’s website and social media channels for updates.

COVID-19 is providing Vivo Care Choices with plenty of challenges, as it is with all other social care and NHS providers.

But Vivo has put a number of changes in place to protect everyone connected with the organisation, including staff, people who use services and carers and families.

The important role Vivo staff are playing in response to COVID-19 is best highlighted by the fact they are classed as key workers. While staff in services are providing invaluable care and support for people, staff in the Resources team are giving those in services the support for them to carry out their roles effectively. Everyone is working together seamlessly for the people Vivo supports.

Below is an update on Vivo’s response to COVID-19.

  • Regular communications continue to be sent to staff and people outside the organisation through the website, social media and other platforms.
  • Everyone Vivo normally supports is safe and receiving the care and support they need.
  • Staff have been very cooperative and are working across services to make support care and support is provided to every person who needs it.
  • The most vulnerable people have received a letter from the Government to say they should be shielding at home. Through the NHS’ call for volunteers and the coordinated community response in west Cheshire, there are plans in place to make sure those people shielding receive all of the support they need.

Keep in touch

For people who aren’t currently receiving direct care because they are self isolating with their family or carers, Vivo is still keeping in touch by phone or email to offer help and friendship.

Please keep in touch with your usual key workers and staff at Vivo during these times. All staff are still here to help as much as they can, or they can arrange help from others within your neighbourhoods.

If you are unsure of what help or support is available, please contact Alistair Jeffs, Vivo Managing Director, directly: 07788 300326 or .

Vivo is here to help throughout these difficult times. We are stronger when we work together.