Please note: this is the current position and could potentially change on a daily basis. Regular updates will follow to keep you informed. Please check Vivo’s website and social media channels for updates.

Vivo Care Choices has already put a number of changes in place to protect everyone connected with the organisation, including staff, people who use services and carers and families.

Key workers

It is at times of a national crisis that the core values underpinning society become truly valued and cherished.

The services provided by Vivo and delivered by each and every member of staff to some of the most vulnerable residents in the borough is a caring and compassionate role.  This has been recognised by the Government as a key worker role in the fight against COVID-19.

A standard letter has been produced for all Vivo staff to confirm they are key workers. If needed, this can be used for approval when travelling to and from work and for accessing school places.


Letters have now been sent by the NHS to all the people with a list of medical conditions that make them particularly at risk to COVID-19, strongly advising them to stay at home.

The advice for these people is to stay at home at all times for 12 weeks and minimise non-essential contact with members of the household to protect themselves

More stringent measures will be put in place for anybody who uses Vivo’s services and has one of these conditions. Staff who have one of these conditions have also been asked to stay at home and follow the Government guidelines. Extra coordinated support is being provided locally to help everyone who receives this letter from the NHS.

Keep up-to-date

Vivo will continue to monitor guidance as the situation is constantly changing, but all decisions made so far have been done to protect all of the vulnerable people it supports, as well as staff and carers and families. It is important everyone follows the guidance from the Government and NHS.

Please keep an eye on Vivo’s website and social media channels for the latest information. If you have questions about the changes being put in place for Vivo Care Choices’ services and how they will be delivered for your loved ones moving forward, please feel free to get in touch directly with your usual contacts in services. You can also email: