The relationship of two people who use the supported living services at Vivo Care Choices has blossomed over the past year – and they bought each other gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Eric and Anita, who both live in supported living buildings in Winsford, first met at a Christmas ball in 2018.

The couple now see each other at least once a week and take part in discos and singing clubs on a regular basis.

Vivo staff have also supported them on a number of planned dates, helping them enjoy life to the full and develop their relationship.

Eric said: “We’ve enjoyed our dates and been down to the pub.

“We haven’t been to the cinema yet, but we’d like to go at some point.

“I sometimes go over to see Anita for tea and she buys me a nice pudding.

“I bought Anita a present for Valentine’s Day and she really liked it.”

Sandra Hollis, Support Worker at Overdene Road, has worked for Vivo for more than 20 years.

She added: “It really is lovely. We went to Liverpool with them and they sat together holding hands for the whole journey.

“It’s a very rewarding job and, when somebody you support turns around and says thank you, it does mean a lot.

“People need to come and see what the whole Supported Living Network does here. It’s really nice.

“I’ve never worked in a bad team and the staff make the services what they are.

“We support somebody with dementia and I’ve never seen somebody with dementia so happy. That’s down the people who work here and the level of support they give.”