Lightfoot Lodge, the head office of Council company Vivo Care Choices, has been given a complete transformation to help people who use its learning disability services enjoy life to the full.

Vivo provides a range of flexible and responsive support for people with learning disabilities and autism and older people, including those with dementia.

Lightfoot Lodge specialises in day care for people with learning disabilities and the new-look building has modern sensory and multimedia rooms, which are kitted out with the latest technology for those using services to take part in a range of fun activities.

All of the bathrooms have been upgraded, while plenty of space has been created in the garden areas for people to cycle around and keep active.

Vivo has worked closely with the Council and one of its other companies Qwest Services on this project, and staff from both organisations volunteered their time to support the transformation.

Raymond Francis, who uses the learning disability services at Lightfoot Lodge, said: “I’ve moved in and it’s much better.

“I helped to choose the colours for the rooms and I really like sitting in the new massage chairs.”

Ann Stanford, whose son Mark visits Lightfoot Lodge, said: “Mark has accessed the Eye Opener Group for many years and I also volunteer for this lovely group.

“This delightful building provides an excellent variety of facilities for each and every person who uses the services, meaning they look forward to their day and have an enjoyable and interesting experience.

“It is lovely to see the people use the services with happy, smiling faces. They all have a laugh with each other and the staff, who help each individual achieve their best.”

Alistair Jeffs, Vivo Managing Director, added: “We always aim to the deliver the best possible service and the work carried out at Lightfoot Lodge will allow us to do this.

“We have made a lot of improvements at Vivo over the last 12 to 18 months, with all of our services regulated by the Care Quality Commission rated as ‘good’, and this is another big step in the right direction.

“With a lot of our office staff based upstairs at Lightfoot Lodge, they get involved in what is going on in the learning disability day services downstairs. It is a fantastic atmosphere and makes Vivo feel like one big family.

“All of the feedback has been really positive so far and I cannot wait to see the full impact the improved services at Lightfoot Lodge will have on the people we support.”