Diverse Designs opens at the Forum Shopping Centre

Vivo Care Choices, in partnership with the West Cheshire Autism Hub, has opened a brand-new Diverse Designs shop at the Forum Shopping Centre in Chester, providing an opportunity for people with learning disabilities and autism to get creative and sell their products....

Vivo’s day services in Neston receive generous donation

Neston Parish Church has donated to Vivo’s day services in Neston to help recognise Lynne, who has given up her time as a volunteer over many years to support others. Lynne visits Vivo’s services and has been an invaluable volunteer for Neston Parish Church at the...

Start or develop your career in adult social care with Vivo

The most rewarding part of a job at Vivo Care Choices for Michelle is seeing first-hand the difference you make. After beginning her career in adult social care with another organisation, Michelle joined Vivo’s team at Canal Street four years ago, supporting people...

Flexible and responsive support

Vivo Care Choices provides a range of flexible and responsive support for people with learning disabilities and autism and older people, including people with dementia.

The high-quality services will work with you to meet your needs, allowing you to be part of your community and maximising your choice, independence and wellbeing.

Services for adults with learning disabilities

Our services for adults with learning disabilities cater for a wide range of care needs, and our accommodation has specialist equipment and technology to support people in a warm, friendly and modern environment.

Services for people with dementia

Our Dementia Centre of Excellence at Curzon House in Chester provides care, support and accommodation for people needing time to recover from illness, evening and weekend respite for older people and day services for people with dementia all under one roof.

Services for older people

For people over the age of 65, we provide a range of caring, responsive and stimulating day services in a number of centres across the west Cheshire, giving people the opportunity to socialise in a safe and supportive environment and offering a choice of therapeutic and engaging activities.

Shared Lives

Shared Lives is a person-centred service and matches those using the service with a carer or carers who will share activities or their family life in a caring and supportive environment.

Vocational training and employment opportunities

Our café at the end of the Little Roodee car park in Chester not only sells a range of delicious food and drink to the public, but it also provides vocational training and employment opportunities to adults aged 18 and over with a learning disability.